Terms & Conditions


By ordering, you have read, understood, and agreed to abide by PROJECT NINE TWO’s terms and conditions as listed below.

1. We have the right to refuse to give service to anyone who has shown us unacceptable, improper and foul behavior towards our team and the shop itself, directly or indirectly.
2. We have the right to refuse to give service to previously known scammers or fraud buyers (in the community) of those whose name was previously exposed.
3. We have the right to refuse to give service to anyone who was already marked as a fraud buyer at our shop.
4. We have the right to refuse to give service to impatient joiners.

1. Payments should be paid on or before the deadline stated. Extensions are allowed though still subject to approval which will depend on how long the request is and according to the customer’s shop standing. This will only be granted once, failure to pay will cancel your order without any refund for any downpayment transferred.
2. HOLDING PERIOD – This pertains to a customer with pending balance, including the local shipping fee. 2 follow up emails will be sent, failure to pay any pending balance will lead to having your items confiscated and will be put up for claims.
3. Failure to pay on the given deadline and/or agreed extended date will add you to the list of our fraud buyers. Your name will be exposed on our account with or without notice via email.
4. Down payments are allowed as long as stated. Otherwise, full payment should be made on or before the deadline.

5. A charge of Php 20.00 will be charged per day per item for late payments. (Ex: 2 items = Php 40.00 per day, 3 items = Php 60.00 per day; excluding optional packaging materials)

6. Unpaid orders 7 days after the given deadline are automatically cancelled unless we are notified of late payment and we acknowledge the request for extension.

7. Requests for payment extension should be made before the deadline of payment, this is subject for late payment fees. Requests made on or after, will not be granted.

1. We do not allow cancellation of orders at any expense or reason. 
2. Cancellation of order/s due to multiple forms submitted are also not allowed. Additional orders should be requested under the sent confirmation email.
3. We have the right to cancel any order to anyone who has displayed unprofessional and improper behavior towards our team and the shop itself. If in any case that payment is already sent, this will be refunded. Failure to agree for us to refund will have your items be confiscated and be put up for claims later on.

If insistent on the request of cancellation, 20% of the total order amount should be paid. Bogus buyers will not be tolerated and will be posted.

1. We are only shipping through Gogo Express/J&T Express for all shipments nationwide. Default courier will be Gogo Express. J&T Express for areas that are non-serviceable by Gogo Express. Bulky parcels will be shipped under J&T Express.
2. Lalamove shipments should be requested upon payment. Updates are all stated on our progress master list. Lalamove is the only same day courier that we can accommodate. No requests for same-day delivery will be entertained once order is already packed and already ready for pickup.

Lalamove shipments are allowed for certain GOs only. Request should be made upon payment.

3. We are shipping twice a week, mostly every Monday and Thursdays. Shipping schedule is subject to change without prior notice depending on holidays, weather conditions, and errands.
4. We shall not be held responsible for damages caused by our local courier/s, Gogo Express/J&T Express, during shipment.
5. We shall not be held responsible for damages caused by any natural phenomenon which may occur during shipment.
6. We are handling group orders which are usually composed of a large number of orders, packing, and shipment per GO usually takes around 1-2 weeks upon arrival. This is still subject to delay depending on the volume of orders that we are/will be shipping.
7. All items are insured with the true amount of the order for us to avoid shelling out extra expenses for any damages. Kindly file a complaint directly to the courier and coordinate with them your concern regarding your received parcel.
8. Changes on the shipping address should be requested before shipment for any group order has begun. No requests will be entertained after most especially if your local shipping fee is already billed.
9. No combined shipping request will be entertained to avoid delays due to difficulty in consolidation and misplacement of orders.
10. Returned parcels due to abandonment of receiver will be shipped again at our convenient time only if the receiver agrees to pay for the shipping fee again.
11. International shipments will be shipped via DHL and EMS only.

1. We are not responsible for any damages caused by the domestic courier within Korea and the international courier from Korea. .
2. We shall not be held responsible for damages caused by any natural phenomenon that may occur during transshipment.
3. Normal ETA from Korea usually takes 3-4 weeks. Further delays due to weather conditions, customs delay, and shipping delay from courier is beyond our control.

1. We are requiring a clear unboxing video as proof of any damaged item. This will be helpful in filing your claims with the courier.
2. Shipping fee for returns of damaged items will be shouldered by PROJECT NINE TWO.
3. We have the right to refuse to grant returns and/or exchange depending on the order condition upon arrival to the receiver and/or to our address.
4. Shipping fee for exchange for any item with valid reasons will be shouldered by PROJECT NINE TWO.
5. Refunds will be given for any excess payment for shipping fee. Any excess payment for the item will not be refunded, please transfer the exact and correct amount only. Please double check the details before proceeding with the transfer.
6. Manufacturing defects are also beyond the shop’s control.

1. Production of our own merch usually takes around 60-90 days. This window time is still subject to delays such as natural phenomenon, supplier’s workload, and availability of materials coming from overseas.

1. You are not allowed to share our address to anyone or use it for any other purposes unless granted permission by PROJECT NINE TWO. Only the items under the said pre-order are allowed to be checked out. 
2. You are required to send the tracking number upon shipment. No tracking number sent means no purchase has been made.
3. Undeclared items will be confiscated

1. Make sure that you have your guardian’s consent upon ordering.
2. If your guardian is the one transacting, please make sure that they are fully aware of all the conditions most especially the transit time from Korea to PH.

1. You can be on our blacklist with and without notice.
2. Receiving a confirmation email does not guarantee that you are not on this list. We have the right to cancel your order anytime with or without notice.